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Why Use Residential Home Inspectors

Residential Home Inspectors, PLLC is here to help you take the guesswork out of buying or selling your home: 

We’ve all been in a situation where a decision we make has long term consequences and home buyers are no different. 


BUYERS:  If you’re considering purchasing a home, you should be able to count on your home inspector to help you identify any existing or potential problems before you sign on the dotted line. 


SELLERS:  If you are planning to sell your home, you may benefit from identifying any existing or potential problems and fixing them prior to the buyer requesting it.   

When you need a quality assessment of the home prior to buying or selling it, we use our gold standard process for home inspections:

  1. We will take our time – the home inspection is a critical part of your decision-making process.  We take our responsibility seriously and our team members have been trained to not take shortcuts.

  2. We will follow the highest “National and State of Texas Standards of Practice” for inspections.

  3. We will provide you with a clear and understandable report with a summary.

  4. We will remain available to answer questions you may have regarding the inspection after it has been completed.

  5. You will remain our top priority from start to finish.


Our Easy 4 Step Process (for the client):

  1. Request the Inspection 

  2. Book a Convenient Time

  3. Sign the Visual Inspection Agreement and Coordinate Payment for Pending Services

  4. Receive the Report




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